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What will you need to buy after moving?

By James Brown

It's no secret that purchasing a home is a bit of an expense. Between the deposit, stamp duty (for the mortgage and the property) and conveyancing costs, you can be forgiven for feeling the pinch in your savings account. 

However, that's not the end of it. Whenever you move home there are a number of important things you may end up having to purchase. Everyone's list will be different, depending on the home itself and their particular circumstances. Here are a few items that might make it on to yours when you buy property in Burpengary. Be sure to check the chattels list on your contract of sale first to see if they're included or not.

Window coverings

Whether blinds, curtains, drapers or shutters, make sure to get something to cover your windows. Just because you've moved house doesn't mean you shouldn't protect your privacy. If you move during the hotter weeks, this will also help keep the home cool.

New locks

Who knows who had keys to that piece of real estate in Narangba when the last owners had it? To prevent any unwanted visitors from letting themselves in, change the locks around the house. You might even be able to get a locksmith to simply alter the locks so they use a new key. And be sure to reset any pass codes for entering the house. 


Other than furniture, this is the most obvious one, as well as something you'll quickly notice the absence of. You need somewhere to put your food, cook it and to do your laundry. New homes may have new appliances that come with the property, but this isn't always the case, so plan ahead. 


Although we don't think we have to remind you to buy furniture, this list wouldn't feel right without its addition. Think about all the furniture in your current living space and imagine life without it: Where will you eat if not at the dining room table? Where will your guests sit when they come over without chairs and a couch? Where will you work or place clothes and other items without a desk and drawers?

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