Tips to help prepare your Burpengary home for winter

By James Brown

As the cooler weather begins to set in across Australia, it could be worth looking into preparing your property in Burpengary for the brunt of winter. 

Getting thicker curtains is a great way of helping trap the warmth inside your home at nighttime. You should also look into insulation for your property's walls, roof and floor to take this one step further. 

And if you've busted out the heaters to take the chill out of the air, be sure to use them safely. Queensland fire minister Jo-Ann Miller has noted that a lot of accidents happen during winter because people place these appliances too close to flammable materials like blankets or clothing. 

After the leaves have fallen off the trees during autumn, it could be worth getting up on your roof and clearing the gutter of this residue before the wild weather hits. This will keep your drains clear and avoid any complications from water build up. 

Finally, sealing up your windows will work towards reduce the amount of warmth slipping out. During rainy weather, every little bit helps to keep you and your family as warm, dry and comfortable as possible. 

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