New Deloitte research highlights mortgage market strength

The latest release from Deloitte has highlighted the strength of the nation's mortgage market, offering buyers interested in real estate in Burpengary the chance to commit to their property goals and finally find their dream home. 

Deloitte Financial Services partner James Hickey said that while the market struggled in earlier years – especially between 2010 and 2012 – last year saw a significant jump in settlement volumes nationwide.

"Settlements across Australia on a monthly basis in 2014 averaged $28 billion with a monthly record of $33 billion in December. That is the highest single monthly settlement rate on record, and a clear jump since the onset of the global financial crisis, when settlements struggled to reach $20 billion," said Mr Hickey in a 25 March statement. 

Furthermore, the number of people with existing loans who are involved in the picture is growing, as more pursue refinances, home upgrades or a mortgage restructure to keep their lending situation in top condition. 

If you're one of the many Australians hoping to buy property, make sure you get in touch with a real estate agent in Burpengary for expert advice.