Moreton Council land sale highlights region’s strength

The growth of a local council's infrastructure and economy is something investors should take notice of before committing to expanding their portfolio in the region. 

As the Moreton Bay Council prepares to sell parcels of land in Brendale, the region stands to earn more than $40million for the local economy and create over 500 jobs for residents living in the area.

This could be great news for potential investors investigating investment property in Burpengary. The local council's commitment to helping grow the economy by effectively using available resources could spell a great future for the Moreton Bay region. 

Mayor Allan Sutherland said the land was sold to Masters Home Improvement for $10million. As their projects begin to develop, the surrounding communities are likely to see the results in the coming months. 

"Masters intends to build a store on the property that will generate a further $30 million and around 500 direct and indirect construction and retail jobs for the local community," said Mr Sutherland in a 18 May statement. 

"That will provide a major boost to the region, both during the construction phase and well into the future." 

If you're interested in buying Burpengary property, be sure to get in touch with a local real estate agent to begin the process today.