Moreton Bay Rail Link project expected to increase benefits to Burpengary region

The development of the Moreton Bay Rail Link project has been a long time coming and is one of the most important infrastructure projects for the local government area undertaken in quite sometime. Construction began early this year, with a projected completion date of late 2016 – giving residents of property in Burpengary plenty of time to get excited about the prospects presented by the infrastructure development. 

Moreton Bay residents will reap a number of benefits from this project. For starters, it will provide an economic, reliable and fast transportation alternative for those that commute to and from Brisbane regularly, letting people give up their personal vehicles for something cheaper and better for the environment. 

Not only this, but an increasing number of people using this public transport will also reduce the congestion seen on these main highways, making a more pleasant travelling experience for those who do take to driving. In fact, the Department of Transport and Main Roads in Queensland has stated that for every full train on the new line, there will be around 600 less cars on the road. 

Finally, functional public transport has the added benefit of encouraging future investment in the region, which could be a wonderful opportunity for the growth of the Moreton Bay local government area. With at least another year before the project is completed, now could be a great time to begin investigating your property options in the local Burpengary area.