More employment opportunities to grow across Queensland

When people seek an investment property, buying in an area with a strong economy is often a top feature. Fortunately, Queensland is one part of Australia that's seeing a lot of economic activity. Recently, the government announced the new Strong Choices plan, which aims to create over 33,000 new employment opportunities across the state and a huge $8.1billion more gross profit for the region as a whole.

Buyers considering real estate in Burpengary should take this to heart, with the possibility of future infrastructure development and economic growth poised to benefit local communities throughout the state. Treasurer Tim Nicholls said these jobs would be developed between 2015/16 and 2027/28, offering a long term solution to the rising population of Queensland. 

"Our $8.6billion series of infrastructure investment funds would generate 25,000 new jobs and our proposed $3.4billion cost of living fund would support a further 8,600 jobs," said Mr Nicholls in a 16 October statement. 

Furthermore, these developments would also indirectly support another 21,000 jobs across the state. With these opportunities just on the horizon, investment in Queensland communities could be a brilliant idea to consider in the future. 

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