Living with a dog: What should you look for in a Burpengary home?

By James Brown

Having a dog is one of life's great joys. Your furry friend is always happy to see you, makes you get out and about with them on walks, and provides security for your home while you're away at work. But, of course, not every Burpengary property is suitable for housing a pet. 

For example, dogs often desire to have outdoor spaces to stretch their legs during the day. Therefore, looking for homes with backyards could be a huge plus. Furthermore, ensuring the property is well fenced and gated is important as well – you'll want to regularly check for any holes or breakages that your dog could escape through. 

The wider community is also something to keep in mind. Looking for a home with parks and outdoor spaces nearby gives you an easy place to take your dog for a walk, and it's even better if you find a no leash zone to really let them run wild for a little while. 

One problem to consider is the combination of dog claws and wooden floors. If you want to avoid deep scratches, perhaps looking for a carpeted home could be more suitable. Alternatively, laying down rugs to cover the majority of the area could be another option to consider. 

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