Is Buying a Present for your Tenant a Good Idea?

Great tenants are a asset. Keeping great tenants minimises the landlord’s maintenance costs and also the no income period for releasing.  A tenant who has a rent of $500 is paying you $26,000 a year. If he moves out you may be out of pocket by an extra $1,500. Showing  that you appreciate how they maintain the property, pay the rent on time and are lease compliant could be the best investment you ever made for what could be a $200,000-$600,000 asset.

Nigel Lucas advised Ray White Caboolture and Burpengary Property Management Team approached our landlords last Festive Season to ask if they wanted to give a Christmas Pudding or a Cake to their tenant. The response was amazing and the tenants loved the token of appreciation. The cost was minimal at $12 to $16, was tax deductable and there was an added benefactor in the Lions Club.

Although the monetary value was quite small the positive knock on effect was amazing.  Feedback was often around how tenants had never had a landlord do such a thing and friends of tenants renting through other agencies never receiving such gestures or being treated in that manner.

Nigel Lucas further advised that it really didn’t matter the location or rental amount the tenant was paying on how much they appreciated the token. Our tenants from North Lakes, Dakabin, Morayfield, Burpengary, Bellmere or in fact anywhere in Moreton Region all gave the proverbial thumbs up.  Ray White Caboolture and Burpengary Property Management Team will be undertaking the same exercise again for Christmas 2017.

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