How important is landlord insurance?

By James Brown

Protecting your investment property is an important part of being a responsible, successful landlord. 

That's why you should consider taking out landlord insurance after purchasing investment property in Burpengary. The added security of having your largest assets covered in the event of unforeseeable damages will give you peace of mind, while also keeping you safe and secure in the long term. 

What cover does landlord insurance provide? 

When it comes to specific cover, that will depend on the provider you choose and the type of insurance you seek. 

However, most policies will over natural disasters and other Acts of God. This includes things like damage caused by stormy weather, earthquakes, fires, flooding and other catastrophes where appropriate steps to protect you cannot be taken. 

Furthermore, as a landlord, if you're dealing with tenants it's possible to get cover that protects you against their unpredictability.

If an occupant decides to leave your property without providing the appropriate amount of notice, you could find yourself out of pocket with regards to rental income. Some policies will reimburse this for a certain period while you prepare the home for the market and set about finding new tenants. 

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