Australian real estate deemed most sustainable yet again

By James Brown

For some, the question's not "Is real estate in Burpengary affordable?" Rather, it's "Is real estate in Burpengary sustainable?" Making sure their environmental impact is as low as possible is as high a priority for certain individuals as the size of monthly mortgage payments is for others.

Fortunately for them, they can potentially get both of those things when they buy a property in the Moreton Bay region. According to the 2015 GRESB survey, Australia and New Zealand are leading the world when it comes to sustainable real estate practices. 

The average GRESB score for Australia and New Zealand went up by 13 per cent since the previous year, sitting now at an average of 69. By contrast, the average for the rest of the world was 56, a substantially smaller sum. 

There are a number of reasons for this excellent result. A renewed focus on energy consumption this year could be one of the bigger factors, however. The report states that sustainability-specific clauses in leases have become par for the course in Australia and New Zealand, helping to reduce both water and energy usage.

In fact, 91 per cent of GRESB participants in our two countries included such clauses. Perhaps this could be food for thought when it comes to property management in Deception Bay, Morayfield and nearby areas.

At the same time, there is continuing pressure to require energy-efficiency ratings for property, such as Australia's Green Star system. 

"Not only is our industry keeping the economy growing and providing jobs for more Australians than almost any other – we are doing it sustainably, ranking as the world's greenest property industry," commented Property Council of Australia chief executive Ken Morrison.

This is the fifth year Australia has taken the top spot in sustainability in the survey. We will have to see if it manages to retain its crown next year.

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