Top Rental Return Suburbs in Moreton Bay Region, Queensland

Many Investors look at Suburbs in Moreton Bay that offer the best Capital Returns however which ones deliver the best rental yield? Nigel Lucas of Ray White Caboolture and Burpengary Property Management looks at selective suburbs in Moreton Bay Region. We have only focused on 4 bedroom houses. The yield is calculated by taking the average weekly rent, multiplying it by 52 … read on

Will the new Moreton Bay Rail Link result in higher rentals?

The connection to the Redcliffe Peninsula will open in October 2016.  It will provide 650 services between Kippa-Ring and Brisbane each week, with stops at Rothwell, Mango Hill, Murrumba Downs and Kallangur  reports Nigel Lucas of Ray White Caboolture and Burpengary rental department. This new service will add further attraction to the Moreton Bay Region, which is already … read on

Discounted Management Fees – A False Saving?

“Buy two, get one free!” “Down down, prices are down.” Australian consumers, are increasingly encouraged to view value through the lens of ‘cheapness’. But as anyone who has bought a no-name brand version of their favourite chocolate bikkies will know, the cheaper version is rarely the best version of a product or service. Too often, landlords fall into a sense of false … read on

Is Buying a Present for your Tenant a Good Idea?

Great tenants are a asset. Keeping great tenants minimises the landlord’s maintenance costs and also the no income period for releasing.  A tenant who has a rent of $500 is paying you $26,000 a year. If he moves out you may be out of pocket by an extra $1,500. Showing  that you appreciate how they maintain the property, pay the rent on time and are lease compliant could be the … read on

4 tips that will help landlords maximize rental returns

North Lakes and surrounding areas in the Moreton Bay Regional Council have been slated as the fastest growing Urban area on the East Coast of Australia.  Westfields  Regional Leasing Manager recently advised on the impressive growth in the area. The close proximity to Brisbane and Transportation Facilities, the area has become popular with owners and tenants alike. Meeting … read on

Moreton Bay – University Precinct Flyover

Petrie Paper Mill site is the location of the Moreton Bay Region University Precinct. The Moreton Bay Region University Precinct site is strategically located close to key transport infrastructure, with the Petrie railway station (at the junction of the existing Caboolture Rail Line and the soon to be opened Moreton Bay Rail Link), Gympie Road and the Bruce Highway. The site … read on

EMERGENCY kit checklist

The following checklist will enable you to prepare your own emergency kit in preparation for storm season which can often start in Spring. Necessities in the event of a severe weather incident include: Torch Portable radio Spare batteries First aid kit Bottled water, non-perishable food and any infant and pet requirements Waterproof bags … read on

3 questions you need to ask at an open home

Are you looking to buy property in Burpengary? Open homes are an integral part of real estate. It's your opportunity to effectively 'try before you buy', allowing you to identify any possible flaws away from the glossy photos in the adverts.Every month in Australia there is a staggering sum of money in real estate transactions between buyers and sellers - more than … read on

How do you know when it’s time to sell your home?

Making the decision to sell your real estate in Burpengary is not one that comes easy. Often you've lived there for an extended period of time, meaning it contains a lot of memories.That's not to mention the stress of moving house! Despite this, the number of people selling their homes in Australia has substantially increased throughout September, posting the … read on